MAME Git (2015/01/21)

MAMEMAME Git (2015/01/21) is compiled. MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. When used in conjunction with images of the original arcade game’s ROM and disk data, MAME attempts to reproduce that game as faithfully as possible on a more modern general-purpose computer. MAME can currently emulate several thousand different classic arcade video games from the late 1970s through the modern era.

MAME Git Changelog:
* Minor comment fixes (nw)
Minor comment fixes (nw)
* Merge branch ‘master’ of
* Two new key bits for SEGA’s 315-5881 encryption
* fixed compile error (nw)
* exidy.c: try to avoid postload, review appreciated (nw)
* exidy.c: fixed fax and fax2 save state problem (nw)
* oops, didn’t mean to change this (nw)
* paradise.c: added missing save state, fixes penky save state problem (nw)
* some changes to the 315-5881 to allow basic multiple stream support, astrass needs this – we were ignoring a size value in the header, when the ‘size’ is reached the stream ends, and a new header needs to be read.
I need to review the changes w/regards the naomi code later (don’t have the material to test here) also this will need looking at w/regards compressed streams, as they can be mixed.
the data decrypted from astrass is now a 100% match for the data that was extracted from the saturn version.
* ui: added bios settings and keyboard/keypad inputs in th
device option menu. nw.
* using actual Sega 315_5881 decryption for ‘astrass’ set (not yet working for twcup98)

Download:MAME Git (2015/01/21) x86
Download:MAME Git (2015/01/21) x64
Source: Here