RSP Git (2015/01/22)

EmuCR: Project64RSP Git (2015/01/22) is compiled. RSP is a plugin for Project64.

RSP Git Changelog:
* force dummy buffer allocations for LWC2, native SWC2 wraparound
* uploaded MinGW makefile for building on Microsoft Windows
* should loop addr in Boss Game ucodes with illegal SDV
* fixed new macro redefinition warnings (included better “rsp.h”)
* merge with updated `rsp.h` RSP specs in my rcp64 repo
* forgot to modernize a few types
* Correct VCH sign flag comparison on -32768.
* Force two-dimensional merging in VCL.
* left Windows command shell syntax to the WIN32 my_system parser
* alternate Win32 CreateFile to change other R/W modes

EmuCR: Project64
EmuCR: Project64

Download: RSP Git (2015/01/22)
Source: Herev