Project64 Git (2015/02/23)

EmuCR: Project 64Project64 Git (2015/02/23) is compiled. Project 64 is a proprietary Nintendo 64 emulator for Windows. It employs a plug-in system that allows third-party software developers to create their own implementation of a specified component. Project64 allows the user to play Nintendo 64 games on a computer by reading ROM images, either dumped from the read-only memory of a Nintendo 64 cartridge or created directly on the computer as homebrew. Project64 started as an exercise by Jabo and zilmar in an attempt to see if they were capable of programming a Nintendo 64 emulator. It’s open source now.

Project64 Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #133 from Frank-74/master
Update Installer.iss
* Update Installer.iss
Changed versions to 2.2. Added PJ64_Nrage.dll to installer.
* Merge branch ‘master’ of
* Merge pull request #127 from Lithium64/patch-1
Added the remaining games on glide64.rdb
* Added the remaining games on glide64.rdb
* Make sure SPECIAL_DIVU detect div by 0 correctly
* Merge pull request #130 from MelchiorGaspar/master
Project64.rdb and .rdx update
* Release date update for SW – Shadows of the Empire
I got the correct release dates for (E) and (J).
12/03/1996 NUS-NSWE-USA Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
Date matches v1.0!
01/26/1999 NUS-NSWE-USA-1 Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (Players Choice)
so is this v1.1 or v1.2,
since this is the only other version for North America… v1.2 as probably
I redid dates as follows
(E) = 1997/03/01
(J) = 1997/06/14
v1.1 = 199x
v1.2 = 01/26/1999 = as dated in rdx 1999/01/26
I found a reference “NUS-006 (USA) | NUS-NSWE-USA-1” to v1.2
on a site so its definitely v1.2
* Aidyn Chronicles – The First Mage (U)
went and finally found a copy of above as v1.1 rom ;D
turns out it needed the audio fix too to not crash-screen
Fixed Audio=1
so I updated the (U)(v1.1) and figured I might as wel do as well(E).
* nrage:
* Nrage: fix bug with removal of SPECS_VERSION where it would not update the controller spec info
* Nrage: fix a compiling warning
* Merge pull request #129 from death-droid/master
Change to how NRage is dynamically linking XInput, rather than loading i…
* Change to how NRage is dynamically linking XInput, rather than loading it every time functions such as GetXInputControllerKeys is called. Do it on initiate of controllers. Still not the best way to handle it.
Need to rethink the way NRage handles the different API’s rather than just tacking it on the side

Download: Project64 Git (2015/02/23)