MAMEoXtras v1.20

EmuCR: MAMEoXtrasMAMEoXtras v1.20 is released. MAMEoXtras is a port of the popular MAME (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator) system for the XBOX. This is an update to MameDOX based on Version 1.1. Featuring new updated driver work and brand spanking new skins. Contains coding by Erik Abair, opcode, luckyMIC, superfro, XPort, bendermike, Ebsy, HK$, IQ_132, gamezfan, destronger, cbagy, And BritneysPAIRS.

MAMEoXtras v1.20 Changelog:

new games added
Snowboard Championship (Now Playable)
Gain Ground (Now Playable)
Crackdown (Now Playable)
Rough Racer (Now Playable)
Super Masters Golf (Now Playable)
Sonic Boom (Now Playable)
World Cup Volley English Version (Now Playable)
Professor Pac-Man (Now Playable)
Scramble Spirits Japan Version (Now Playable)

Fixes And Improvements
Major Sound Gfx and Game improvements for Gorf
Major Sound Gfx and Game improvements for Wizard Of Wor
Improved MCU simulation for Renegade
Sound and Protection fixes for Chequered Flag
Control improvements in Chequered Flag
Fixed Dipswitch in ThunderHoop game defaults to 3 lives now
Fixed Slowdown issues in US Championship V’Ball
Sorted some Gfx clipping issues in The Legend Of Kage
Improved Scramble Spirits Japan Version getting rid of most of the Slowdowns

BTW The Sega System 24 games especially Gain Ground take a short while to boot.

EmuCR: MAMEoXtras

Download: MAMEoXtras v1.20
Source: Here

Common Source Code Project (2016/03/01)

Common Source Code Project (2016/03/01) is released. This is the common source code archive of my works:

– Emu5 – SORD m5 emulator
– EmuGaki – CASIO PV-2000 emulator
– EmuLTI8 – MITSUBISHI Electric MULTI8 emulator
– EmuPIA7 – TOSHIBA PASOPIA7 emulator
– EmuZ-80K – SHARP MZ-80K emulator
– EmuZ-700 – SHARP MZ-700 emulator
– EmuZ-800 – SHARP MZ-800 emulator
– EmuZ-1200 – SHARP MZ-1200 emulator
– EmuZ-1500 – SHARP MZ-1500 emulator
– EmuZ-2500 – SHARP MZ-2500 emulator
– EmuZ-2800 – SHARP MZ-2800 emulator
– EmuZ-3500 – SHARP MZ-3500 emulator
– EmuZ-5500 – SHARP MZ-5500 emulator
– EmuZ-6500 – SHARP MZ-6500 emulator
– eBabbage-2nd – Gijutsu-Hyoron-Sha Babbage-2nd
– eFamilyBASIC – Nintendo Family BASIC emulator
– eFM16pi – FUJITSU FM16pi emulator
– eFMR-30 – FUJITSU FMR-30 emulator
– eFMR-50 – FUJITSU FMR-50 emulator
– eFMR-60 – FUJITSU FMR-60 emulator
– eFP-1100 – CASIO FP-1100 emulator
– eHANDY98 – NEC PC-98HA emulator
– eHC-20 – EPSON HC-20/HX-20 emulator
– eHC-40 – EPSON HC-40/PX-4 emulator
– eHC-80 – EPSON HC-80/PX-8/Geneva emulator
– eJ-3100GT – TOSHIBA J-3100GT emulator
– eJ-3100SL – TOSHIBA J-3100SL emulator
– eJX – IBM Japan Ltd PC/JX emulator
– eMAP-1010 – SEIKO MAP-1010 emulator
– eMYCOMZ-80A – Japan Electronics College MYCOMZ-80A emulator
– eN5200 – NEC N5200 emulator
– ePC-8001mkIISR – NEC PC-8001mkIISR emulator
– ePC-8201 – NEC PC-8201/PC-8201A emulator
– ePC-8801MA – NEC PC-8801MA emulator
– ePC-9801 – NEC PC-9801
– ePC-9801E – NEC PC-9801E/F/M
– ePC-9801VM – NEC PC-9801VM
– ePC-98DO – NEC PC-98DO emulator
– ePC-98LT – NEC PC-98LT emulator
– ePC-100 – NEC PC-100 emulator
– ePHC-20 – SANYO PHC-20 emulator
– ePHC-25 – SANYO PHC-25 emulator
– ePV-1000 – CASIO PV-1000 emulator
– ePyuTa – TOMY PyuTa and PyuTa Jr. emulator
– eQC-10 – EPSON QC-10/QX-10 emulator
– eRX-78 – BANDAI RX-78 emulator
– eSC-3000 – SEGA SC-3000 emulator
– eSCV – EPOCH Super Cassette Vision emulator
– eTK-80BS – NEC TK-80BS (COMPO BS/80) emulator
– eX-07 – CANON X-07 emulator
– eX1twin – SHARP X1twin emulator
– eX1turbo – SHARP X1turbo emulator
– eYS-6464A – Shinko Sangyo YS-6464A emulator

This archive is under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

Common Source Code Project (2016/02/26) Changelog:
[ALL] use integer types defined in stdint.h (uint8 -> uint8_t, etc)
[ALL] rename pair and scrntype to pair_t and scrntype_t
[COMMON] add get_long_full_path_name() and get_parent_dir()
[COMMON] rename IsFileExists() in FILEIO class to IsFileExisting()
[EMU] import Mr.Artane.’s fixes (Commits on Feb 27, 2016)
[EMU] add get_osd()
[EMU] add set_mouse_pointer(), set_mouse_button(), and get_mouse_button()
[EMU] add get_access_lamp_status() and get_led_status()
[EMU/DEBUGGER] avoid PostMessage() and GetAsyncKeyState()
[WIN32/CONSOLE] add is_console_key_pressed() and close_debugger_console()
[VM/DATAREC] fix t77 image loader (thanks Mr.Artane.)
[VM/DEVICE] add get_device_name() (thanks Mr.Artane.)
[VM/DISK] import Mr.Artane.’s fixes for eFM7/77/77AV hacks
[VM/MB8877] import Mr.Artane.’s fixes for eFM7/77/77AV hacks
[VM/MC6809] add 16/32bit read/write functions for debugger (thanks Mr.Artane.)
[VM/V99X8] fix macro to create color (thanks Mr.Artane.)
[VM/Z80DMA] fix build issue for MinGW’s (older) GCC (thanks Mr.Artane.)

Download: Common Source Code Project (2016/03/01)
Source: Here