Wataroo v0.7.0.2

Wataroo v0.7.0.2 is released.
Wataroo is a Watara SuperVision emulator. Wataroo is closed source and only available for Microsoft Windows. The intentions of this program are to function as both a development tool and preservation of the SuperVision architecture.

What’s Emulated


Mappers : STANDARD (16K – 128K)

Button Input


Gamepad Support

Save States

CPU Overclocking

Custom Palettes

Includes ‘WaTest’ Software

Wataroo v0.7.0.2 Changelog:

Added :

Support for the MAGNUM mapper.

Small (160×160) and Large (800×800) window size presets.

65C02 Address Viewer to WaTest.

Link Port Probe to WaTest.

History section in HTML Help.

Cleanup :

CPU Stall Cycles weren’t accumulating properly.

Increased the silencing cutoff for the pulse channels from a division of zero to three.

DMA Controller actually does support VBUS to CBUS transfers and CPU stalling.

Link Port Registers’ behavior was way off.

Wataroo v0.7.0.2


AprNes (2017/02/24)

AprNes (2017/02/24) is released. AprNes is a simple nes emulator.

AprNes (2017/02/24) changelog:

1. Increase Scanline Filter 2x 4x 6x. (Implement NTSC CRT Proportional Correction with YIQ 4: 1: 1 color bleeding)

2. Increase the operation right-click menu function

3. Rebuild the program, improve efficiency

4. repair a lot of test rom did not pass the wrong items. Test results (there may be a small error)

5. Remove third-party library dependencies (program files are currently reduced to only 167KB size)

6. Full-screen mode can be included in the Background directory background image.

PS. This version is suspended after the update, but I will be back.

AprNes (2017/02/24)