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Rankings for MAME 0.130

Rankings 0.130 is released.Rankings is the current home of rankings.ini, a MAMEUI support file that categorizes all original MAME games according to how much FUN they are to play.This file was created for a variety of reasons, but primarily because I felt it helps people have more fun with MAME. It’s a bit daunting sifting through 7000+ games in MAME trying to find something fun. Hopefully this will make the task easier!

Rankings 0.130 Changelog:
– 0 (Not Working): The game doesn’t work at all. Note that this includes all games marked as “GAME_NOT_WORKING” in MAME; but is not limited to them. This is because I believe there are several games that should have the “GAME_NOT_WORKING” flag set but for whatever reason (oversight, most likely) they do not.
– 10 or 20 (Terrible): The game is utter garbage and really not worth playing at all.
– 30 or 40 (Poor): The game play is not good, the frame rate, colors, responsiveness may be substandard, or the game itself may be a bad rip-off of another, original game.
– 50 or 60 (Average): The game doesn’t feature anything particular interesting or unique, though it may be worth playing every once in a while.
– 70 or 80 (Good): The game is definitely worth playing but falls short in some areas.
– 90 or 100 (Great): The best stuff is here. This includes all games considered “classics” but also includes games that are just a whole lot of fun to play.

Just download the .ini file and drop it into your “./folders” directory underneath the MAMEUI parent.

Download:Rankings 0.130

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