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ClrMamePro 3.123a

ClrMamePro 3.123a is released.ClrMamePro is a so-called ROM-manager. With every new release of MAME a lot has been changed. New gamesets have been added, some have been removed, etc.

ClrMamePro 3.123a changelog:
– misc: profiler columns are sortable
– misc: messageboxes are resizeable (horizontally)
– misc: readded some ‘lines on root’ for tree controls
– misc: empty profile based backup/download folder will be removed when cmpro is closed or on profile change
– fixed: batcher auto-del-fixdat option isn’t saved
– fixed: scanner unneeded fix crashes rarely in full merge mode

Download: ClrMamePro 3.123a 32bit
Download: ClrMamePro 3.123a 64bit

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